E- Library

18.02.2016 - 11:09

The electronic library is an unit of the Information Center and is a specialized software product that maintains a database of textual materials stored in digital form. In its database the user could find a wide range of legal documents (manuals, charters, decrees, conventions) and useful materials related to training. It complements and enriches the other software products of the Centre with information materials on various topics.

Its aim is to provide direct access to a diversity of information sources available to the Centre, thus provides an opportunity for employees working in the social sphere to raise their awareness on matters of their interest.

The system allows introduction of new materials, searching for materials using certain criteria, archiving documents and information sources. Thematic sections of the library corresponding to the main directions in the training activities of the Centre and provide direct access to a wealth of information on various aspects of social policies. It also provides materials for preparation to upcoming trainings, which is essential for trainees. The content of the electronic library is constantly being enriched according to the needs of each of the trainings.

The search for materials is easy and is made without registration.

The electronic library has been developed within "Institutional Capacity Building of MLSP of Bulgaria", implemented jointly with ITC-ILO.

Contributing to the development of the electronic library there is a number of employees of the MLSP system and the Executive agencies.

The electronic library is currently updated by: Liliya Boneva - Chief Expert